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Fundación Gador and education

We support books of scientific and historic value

Edition of scientific books subsidized by Fundación Gador

Fundación Gador grants educational subsidies for the publishing of books that will have an impact due to the scientific or historic value of their contents. The works proposed should be original and should highlight the work done by biomedical researchers, offer applicable educational models or innovative ideas, that could be transferred to the sociocultural environment that concerns us.

The distribution of the books is free and will be handled by the respective subsidized authors or publishers.



Handbook of Good Pharmacovigilance Practices

Inés Bignone, Santiago Schiaffino

First handbook of this specialty in Spanish version. This work comprises 30 complete chapters, including definitions, regulations, operating procedures and special situations that the health professional must resolve when tackling practice, research and education of this new branch of medicine of high social impact.

Ediciones Farmacológicas
Buenos Aires (2016)
412 pages
ISBN 978-987-29331-3-5

Argentine classics of Medicine and Surgery

Alfredo Buzzi, Federico Pérgola

Biographies of 46 outstanding personalities in Argentine medical science. Among them, Dr. R. G. Favaloro, J. M. Bosch, T. Insausti, P. del Río Hortega, C Reussi, C Romaña , and others. Short histories of exemplary lives and models of professional conduct.

Humanismo Médico, Ed. Médicas del Sur
Buenos Aires (2009)
190 pages
ISBN 950-505-197-2

Argentine Association of Osteology and Mineral Metabolism. 22 years of investigation and teaching

Alfredo Rigalli

Compilation of the scientific presentations in AAOMM since its founding in 1984 until 2004. Approximately one thousand scientific contributions and medical works that show the driving force and the huge productive capacity of one of the most prestigious scientific associations.

Editorial A.A.O.M.M
Buenos Aires (2004)
336 pages
ISBN 987-22857-0-5

Alberto C Taquini an the 75 anniversary of the discovery of angiotensin

José Milei

History of the remarkable discoveries by Doctors A.C. Taquini, E. Braun Menéndez, J.C. Fasciolo, M. Munóz. B.A. Houssay and L.F. Leloir during the 1930s and the 1940s that derived in the finding of angiotensin. This is one of the greatest achievements of Argentine science that, paradoxically, would serve abroad as a platform for one of the most successful lines in antihypertensive treatments. Once again, history prioritises the potential of Latin American inventiveness in medical investigation and shows the path that researchers of today should be guided through.

Ed. Contartese Gráfica SRL
Buenos Aires (2014)
198 pages
ISBN 978-987-45414-0-6

Seeking the causes of cancer

Christiane Dosne Pasqualini

A series of 13 biographies of memorable researchers from Argentina, whose professional careers have promoted remarkable knowledge in the struggle against diverse types of malignant tumors.The book summarizes the life and work of a group of paradigmatic researchers, for the young people that feel a calling towards the scientific career.

Colección Academia Nacional de Medicina, Vol IX
Buenos Aires (2015)
232 pages
ISBN 978-950-629-021-4