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About us

About us

Our objectives and our administrative board


Gador Foundation is a non-profit institution that began its activities in 1996, with the aim of promoting and developing scientific research, cultural and educational activities.

Among the actions that Gador Foundation carries out to achieve these goals are:

  • The organisation and sponsorship of conferences and national academic activities.
  • The organisation of meetings and cultural events within the country and abroad.
  • To grant scholarships, conduct seminars, courses, conventions and educational competitions.
  • To edit, publish and distribute brochures, information, publications and books.
  • To contribute – when deemed appropriate – with other institutions  that have similar purposes as the Foundation.

"It is an honour for me to chair a Foundation dedicated to promoting scientific research and development; these are key pillars for the evolution and production of new knowledge that will help transform the changing challenges of humanity, encouraging the ongoing improvement of quality of life."

Aldo Fabbri

Presidente de la Fundación Gador

Directorio de la Fundación Gador

Sr. Aldo Fabbri


Lic. Luis Alberto Rodríguez


Sr. José Manuel Suárez


Sr. Livio Armando De Rossi


Sr. Adelmo Federico Abeniacar


Sra. Laura Silvina Chinarof